Rough Framing and Carpentry Tips

Many home remodeling or home addition projects require the construction of subfloors, stud framed walls, roof rafters and exterior sheathing.

A subfloor is assembled on top of a home or home addition’s concrete foundation. It consists of sill plates, rim joists, beams, floor joists and tongue and groove plywood. Stud framed walls, made from 2x4s and 2x6s are typically constructed on a flat surface, such as a subfloor or deck.

After the stud framed walls are constructed they are propped up into place and braced. Roof rafters and ceiling joists are typically stick built and installed in place on top of the walls, unless roof trusses are used. Roof trusses are typically built at a factory and are brought to the site where they are positioned in place on top of the stud framed walls.

Rough framing requires both skill and strength and is not for the neophyte carpenter. Before starting a rough framing project carefully assess your abilities and health before tackling such a project.



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